Monday, 9 August 2010

What I wore, to hit the shops! 08/08/2010

What I wore, to hit the shops! 08/08/2010

So, as you guys know I work for a fashion company, part of this job is to show what i'm wearing aswell as share opinions about the latest trends and clothes. This image above, is actually a design I posted onto FashionBeat, I put this outfit together on the 8th August to hit the shops, I live in England so the weather was not so good, cold and cloudy; but I didn't let that stop me I was gonna hit the shops in style!

The jeans were actually from a lovely shop in Spain called 'Stradivarius' for only 15.99 euros - they were on sale, originially worth 34 euro! Bargain! You will come to learn I am a huge bargain hunter and i'll be sure to let you guys know where the latest bargains are going down! The cardigan I wore with this was by RedHerring from debenhams, I think it was around £30 but it is so soft, well worth the money, and the colour goes with everything. My tank top was simply from primark for £1.50, have you seen that Primark are doing size 6's now, its brilliant, im so tiny that a size 8 is always a little bit too big. And ofcourse, the main feature of any outfit, the accessories, both necklaces were from next, quite pricey tho, £15, for both, but i adore them!

I will be doing this quite often for work, so be sure to check out my latest sets on FashionBeat, and let me know what you think!

Catch you guys later, keep visiting!

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