Thursday, 19 August 2010

on an impulse

So, on an impulse, I decided to fly to Ireland to see my sister, flights are booked and im totally on my own, no turning back now. Now usually, the responsibility is on my mum she holds all the passports and tickets and all I have to worry about is what outfit im going to wear- not this time. Have to take responsiblity for myself, its a big step, but im so ready to do it, I think it will give me a great confidence boost when i've done it, and i'll feel fulfilled and happy with my self for rising to the challenge. Aswell as being a big step for me, it is also a big step for my parents, its sort of like they're letting go of me, and I understand how they are feeling because i'm letting go of my parents as a security blanket, and this is the start of me stepping foot in the big wide world! The real world, that i've been sheltered from while i've been a little girl.

I have this vision that when im older, im going to be strong, independant and successful, like celebrity icons you see on tv; Whitney Port is such an inspiration to me! She is everything I want to be, she was in the hills & then went on to be in the city where it was more about her career, she is now very succesful with her own clothing line, but boy did she work for it, she has been through alot to get where she is now, I hold my hands up to her, shes brilliant!

Back to my original point, this trip to ireland is a big step for me, and when I get back ill be sure to let you know how it went!

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Saturday, 14 August 2010

a tidy mess

a tidy mess

How ironic, a mess can't be tidy I hear you say. This is how it works in my messy mind, this messy desk is full of things that keep my life on track. Number 1, my mobile, i'm sure my friends would be quick to say I cant put it down, Number 2, my favourite mag, 'Glamour' keeping me up to speed with the latest trends and goings on, Number 3, my tv remote, I catch up with my favourite programs like 'The Hills' (can't wait for the finale tomorow!) Number 4, my notepad which contains a list of things to buy, things to do, important dates, etc, updated daily, and ofcourse when you live a speedy lifestyle you've gotta indulge in a quick pick up of macdonalds! 

So to wrap this up, my note for today is, yes im messy, but too me if it was all tidily put away I would be racing around trying to find where something was, here its lovely and spread out... messily on my desk- just the way I like it. Too bad mum!

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Friday, 13 August 2010

enjoying the finer things in life!

A selection of my finest things in life!

Absolutley adore these selection of things, not only are they all lovely they each individually mean something very important to me, the heels I wore for my school prom, which was a fab night celebrating the end to a stressful year, the scarf was given to me by my best friend, Charlotte, for my recent 16th birthday, and i love it! Lastly the thickly knitted wool cardigan was given to me years ago by my nan, its lovely and reminds me of her!

What are your finer things in life? 
Sometimes material things can tell a big part of someones life.

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Monday, 9 August 2010

love these shoes!

Best buy in a while! <3

What I wore, to hit the shops! 08/08/2010

What I wore, to hit the shops! 08/08/2010

So, as you guys know I work for a fashion company, part of this job is to show what i'm wearing aswell as share opinions about the latest trends and clothes. This image above, is actually a design I posted onto FashionBeat, I put this outfit together on the 8th August to hit the shops, I live in England so the weather was not so good, cold and cloudy; but I didn't let that stop me I was gonna hit the shops in style!

The jeans were actually from a lovely shop in Spain called 'Stradivarius' for only 15.99 euros - they were on sale, originially worth 34 euro! Bargain! You will come to learn I am a huge bargain hunter and i'll be sure to let you guys know where the latest bargains are going down! The cardigan I wore with this was by RedHerring from debenhams, I think it was around £30 but it is so soft, well worth the money, and the colour goes with everything. My tank top was simply from primark for £1.50, have you seen that Primark are doing size 6's now, its brilliant, im so tiny that a size 8 is always a little bit too big. And ofcourse, the main feature of any outfit, the accessories, both necklaces were from next, quite pricey tho, £15, for both, but i adore them!

I will be doing this quite often for work, so be sure to check out my latest sets on FashionBeat, and let me know what you think!

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simply cute

what i wore... for a party! 07/08/2010

Sunday, 1 August 2010

reaching out.

Hey guys!
I'm new to this whole blogging thing, so here goes nothing :)

Throughout this blog I will keep you up to date with the daily adventures of an average 16 year old girl living in England trying to achieve her dream as a fashion designer! I'll even show you some of my creations and ideas, would love some opinions!

The last 6 months have been the hardest 6 months of my life; I know i'm only young so you'll probably think pfft, she doesnt know the meaning of hard, but for me, it was. Let me tell you, I had all my GCSE exams, and although theres always the chance to resit if you don't achieve your desired grades, I so wanted to succeed, I have this big fear of failing, although I know at times you must fail to succeed. I pushed myself so hard, because I wanted to have that feeling that atleast when I get my results at the end of august I can say, I did try my very best. And ofcourse when I get these results i'll be on here blubbing or celebrating!

Just as exams ended and I thought I was stressfree, things became rocky in my family, I felt like I was the only mature one, I was desperatley trying to keep my family together, but then I realised that I couldn't... Regardless of what I did, whatever I tried, everything happens for a reason, and I couldn't force happiness and love into my family, I just had to be there and stay strong for my family.

Luckily, everything seemed to work itself out, I was so relieved I could not imagine my life changing, I was so settled, I had my best friends and a funfilled summer ahead of me, and although im the type of girl that loves change, i'd love the idea of moving to somewhere new and starting fresh but after a while i'd have to come to terms with the little problem of getting badly homesick. I love the simple things in life, I love waking up to my little jack russel, Bonnie, [you will hear lots about this little character] jumping on me and licking my face, yeah at the time I moan, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't realise till im away how much I love the daily grinds of walking around half asleep, checking my emails in the hope that I may have got a reply about a job, walking my dog round the block, through the woods, seeing the same dogs and their owners! It's weird.

That leads me onto the job situation, I have a job, and dont get me wrong its great, I'm a "Teen Fashion Consultant" but it only requires a couple of hours a evening and lets be honest it wont pay my shopping expenses...ahhh, shopping, I absolutley love it, keep me updated on your latest buys! I'd love to know!
So i'm looking for a daytime summer job, just until I start college, but nowhere will take me on!

Imma round this up for today now, but I'll write soon, please keep visiting!
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