Thursday, 19 August 2010

on an impulse

So, on an impulse, I decided to fly to Ireland to see my sister, flights are booked and im totally on my own, no turning back now. Now usually, the responsibility is on my mum she holds all the passports and tickets and all I have to worry about is what outfit im going to wear- not this time. Have to take responsiblity for myself, its a big step, but im so ready to do it, I think it will give me a great confidence boost when i've done it, and i'll feel fulfilled and happy with my self for rising to the challenge. Aswell as being a big step for me, it is also a big step for my parents, its sort of like they're letting go of me, and I understand how they are feeling because i'm letting go of my parents as a security blanket, and this is the start of me stepping foot in the big wide world! The real world, that i've been sheltered from while i've been a little girl.

I have this vision that when im older, im going to be strong, independant and successful, like celebrity icons you see on tv; Whitney Port is such an inspiration to me! She is everything I want to be, she was in the hills & then went on to be in the city where it was more about her career, she is now very succesful with her own clothing line, but boy did she work for it, she has been through alot to get where she is now, I hold my hands up to her, shes brilliant!

Back to my original point, this trip to ireland is a big step for me, and when I get back ill be sure to let you know how it went!

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