Saturday, 14 August 2010

a tidy mess

a tidy mess

How ironic, a mess can't be tidy I hear you say. This is how it works in my messy mind, this messy desk is full of things that keep my life on track. Number 1, my mobile, i'm sure my friends would be quick to say I cant put it down, Number 2, my favourite mag, 'Glamour' keeping me up to speed with the latest trends and goings on, Number 3, my tv remote, I catch up with my favourite programs like 'The Hills' (can't wait for the finale tomorow!) Number 4, my notepad which contains a list of things to buy, things to do, important dates, etc, updated daily, and ofcourse when you live a speedy lifestyle you've gotta indulge in a quick pick up of macdonalds! 

So to wrap this up, my note for today is, yes im messy, but too me if it was all tidily put away I would be racing around trying to find where something was, here its lovely and spread out... messily on my desk- just the way I like it. Too bad mum!

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